Dolly and Figaro

These two are the most important Italians in my life so I feel it’s only fair that they get their own page. They are the ones who cheer me up and calm me down when I want to explode with the frustration of living in this town (this only happens about once a month 😉 )

This little lady is Dolly.

dolly 3

Nobody really knows how old Dolly is but the vet said she could be up to ten years old. I found her in March last year, 2 days after I had moved into my flat. She was asleep in the park and had a terrible ear infection. I got her some food on my lunch break and gave it to her after I finished work. As soon as I gave it to her, she wolfed it down. I decided there and then that I couldn’t just leave her. So, I went back to my new flat, grabbed a sports bag, went bag to the park and popped her in. On the short walk home, I was stopped by two men looking for a restaurant – a rather odd scenario what with having a cat in a bag.

As soon as I got her home, she jumped out the bag and onto my lap, where you will find her every time I sit down. She is a huge cuddlebug. A few days later, I took her to the vet where she had to have her teeth pulled as they were so rotten. She will also have the ear infection for the rest of her life as it was so severe, which means I have to clean it on a regular basis. She’s also a bit on the tubby side, but I’m sure it’s all fluff!

dolly 6
Lying in front of her “fire” (aka the halogen heater)


And then there’s this little monster – Figaro, or Figgy as he’s affectionately known.

figgy 2

He was one of eight kittens born to their stray mother in a garden. Luckily, the man who owned the house was kind (it could have easily gone the other way) and he decided to keep the mother and one of the kittens. The other kittens were put up for adoption when they were old enough. Well, I saw his photo on Facebook and fell in love instantly. How could I not?! So I contacted the lovely lady who was arranging the adoptions and she said I could have him as soon as they caught him. Oh yes, he was a bit of a scrapper. They actually had to set a trap in order to get him. When I got him home, he just sat in the box hissing at us. My sister, who was staying with me at the time just stuck her and in and pulled him out. He was so tiny!

figgy 3

His favourite pastime is eating. Seriously. He eats everything. When he’s not eating, he’s doing his best to wind Dolly up (she was not impressed when he first arrived). He will be off to the vets soon to get his bits snipped – I don’t want to add any more little monsters to this menagerie. In the meantime, he follows me all around the flat and doesn’t even let me pee in peace. He is also absolutely terrified of everyone, especially people he’s never met before. We don’t really understand why as he was never abused but he gives the best cuddles when he trusts you.

dolly and figaro 1
Just getting them to sit next to each other was a miracle.