Who Dunnit? – Free ESL Game download

After the enormous success of my last post about "Guess Who?" and how to adapt it to practise grammar, I decided to allow members of the British Council Teacher Community the opportunity to vote for the next game. If you're not a member of the Facebook group yet, join now. It's a treasure trove of… Continue reading Who Dunnit? – Free ESL Game download


Guess Who? – Free Download – Updated!

"Oh, look!" I said to my sister, pointing to the game in the book store window in my small town in Italy. "They've got Guess Who?" "Yeah but it'll be in Italian," she replied. Brain farts aside, Guess Who? is a great game to play with your students but most teachers only use it to… Continue reading Guess Who? – Free Download – Updated!


Time for a change!

When I started Tea for the Teacher, I wanted it to be a blog about living and travelling in Italy. However, having been inactive for well over a year, I now find myself in a very different position. Although I still love living and travelling here, exploring new places and discovering new things, I now… Continue reading Time for a change!

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Getting Social

I have decided to set up a Facebook page and an Instagram account for people who don't have WordPress. If you would like to join in the conversation or share your photos with us, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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How to Survive a Conversation Class

For many newly-certified and inexperienced ESL teachers, the thought of giving a conversation class can often be a daunting, if not downright terrifying, thought. It certainly was for me when I first started teaching. What will we talk about? How will I make it last one hour? What if we run out of things to… Continue reading How to Survive a Conversation Class

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Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Bleed

Every Tuesday morning, I teach a class at the local nursery school. I don't really enjoy this class for a couple of reasons: It's not my classroom In my classroom at school, I have all sorts of sneaky ways of keeping the kids occupied if a lesson isn't going to plan. When I work outside… Continue reading Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Bleed

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How to Be a Good Language Student

I'm interrupting my series about my trip to Pompeii with a post that I feel is important after the long week that I've had. Don't worry though, I'll be back with the next installment about Pompeii shortly. There are countless blogs and websites out there telling you how to be a good language teacher. There… Continue reading How to Be a Good Language Student