About Me

So, what would you like to know? I’m originally from Wales in the UK and now I live in Italy. A little over two years ago I did a Trinity TESOL course before finding a job in a small town that I had never heard of. I moved to Italy, speaking absolutely no Italian, for an original period of 5 months. Two years later, I have a flat full of belongings and two crazy cats that were found wandering the street. For some reason I got stuck here!

I set up this blog hoping to reach out to anyone who is thinking of doing an ESL teaching course or who wants to move abroad or even anyone who wants to learn a foreign language. There will be lots about teaching and living in another country.

I know there are already lots of blogs out there but hopefully this will add something different to the discussion.

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16 thoughts on “About Me”

      1. Soon I’m going on holiday, it’s very hot now! Hope to read you in September (to write to me you can use the contact form in the “about” page. Buona estate! 🙂


  1. it was interesting to find your blog and read about your story 🙂 my name is PedroL, I´m from Lisbon Portugal and I´m travelling around the world, living here and there, with my girlfriend. she´s french and teaches french, so I could understand many things you wrote eheh from now on, i´ll follow you 🙂 have fun and enjoy your experience in Italy 🙂 PedroL


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