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Snobbery in the TEFL Industry

You wouldn't be able to teach the higher levels because you're not a native speaker. The grammar would be too difficult.A native-speaker teacher to a non-native speaker colleague I'd been an EFL teacher for about 6 months when I heard a colleague, let's call him Joe, at a summer camp say this to another colleague,… Continue reading Snobbery in the TEFL Industry


Who Dunnit? – Free ESL Game download

After the enormous success of my last post about "Guess Who?" and how to adapt it to practise grammar, I decided to allow members of the British Council Teacher Community the opportunity to vote for the next game. If you're not a member of the Facebook group yet, join now. It's a treasure trove of… Continue reading Who Dunnit? – Free ESL Game download


Guess Who? – Free Download – Updated!

"Oh, look!" I said to my sister, pointing to the game in the book store window in my small town in Italy. "They've got Guess Who?" "Yeah but it'll be in Italian," she replied. Brain farts aside, Guess Who? is a great game to play with your students but most teachers only use it to… Continue reading Guess Who? – Free Download – Updated!

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The Lions of Rome

The young lions had learned well. They'd listened carefully to everything their parents had said, scrutinised every move their parents had made. Now it was their turn and they were desperate to prove themselves. They watched the impala as they migrated across the plains, searching for any sign of weakness. They were patient, knowing that… Continue reading The Lions of Rome

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Crossing Colle Mitra

The sun blazed overhead as I felt my skin burning. "Let me go first in case there are snakes," he said nonchalantly, "I'll see them." Snakes? This was not what I had signed up for. It was supposed to be a simple trek up Colle Mitra to the iron cross that stands guard over Sulmona.… Continue reading Crossing Colle Mitra

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How to Cope When Your Best Friend Moves Abroad

"I'm leaving." These are the words everyone dreads hearing. Words that cut you to the core, especially when the person saying them has always been there for you. You've been through everything together for years and now they're abandoning you to start a new life, or at least that's how it feels. What are you… Continue reading How to Cope When Your Best Friend Moves Abroad

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How to Go to a Concert Like an Italian

It's been a crazy few weeks of working, hiking and concert-going, which is why I haven't had much time to write. "You're still working?! But it's summer!" I hear you cry in exasperation. Yes, but unfortunately the work of an ESL teacher continues over summer as students still need lessons. We're basically superheroes. However, there… Continue reading How to Go to a Concert Like an Italian

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Fingers Crossed!

Last week, I entered a competition through World Nomads Insurance to win a travel writing scholarship. The prize includes a trip to Australia as well as a 3-day travel writing workshop where you are mentored by a Lonely Planet writer. You can read my entry at the link below. There were over 3000 entries so… Continue reading Fingers Crossed!