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Snobbery in the TEFL Industry

You wouldn't be able to teach the higher levels because you're not a native speaker. The grammar would be too difficult.A native-speaker teacher to a non-native speaker colleague I'd been an EFL teacher for about 6 months when I heard a colleague, let's call him Joe, at a summer camp say this to another colleague,… Continue reading Snobbery in the TEFL Industry


Who Dunnit? – Free ESL Game download

After the enormous success of my last post about "Guess Who?" and how to adapt it to practise grammar, I decided to allow members of the British Council Teacher Community the opportunity to vote for the next game. If you're not a member of the Facebook group yet, join now. It's a treasure trove of… Continue reading Who Dunnit? – Free ESL Game download


Guess Who? – Free Download – Updated!

"Oh, look!" I said to my sister, pointing to the game in the book store window in my small town in Italy. "They've got Guess Who?" "Yeah but it'll be in Italian," she replied. Brain farts aside, Guess Who? is a great game to play with your students but most teachers only use it to… Continue reading Guess Who? – Free Download – Updated!